Clearbit Connect

Frequently asked questions

  • What kind of information does Connect surface?

    Connect surfaces contact information alongside emails in Outlook, such as a person's name, avatar, title and social handles. If the email address is a corporate one, we'll also surface the size of the company, phone number, location and address.

  • How does Connect let me find contacts?

    Connect's Prospector feature lets you browse contacts at a given company, optionally filter by name & title, and then fetch their email. We have coverage of most companies.

  • What kind of information is shared in the Community Plan?

    Part of the deal with using the Community Plan is that you share your business (i.e. non personal) contacts with us. It's essentially a give-to-get model. This helps us improve our algorithms and data, making Connect better for the entire community, and letting us give away Connect for free. We're taking a very careful approach to this, we realize it's a sensitive area.

  • What kind of permissions does Connect need?

    The Premium Edition of Connect just needs access to your basic contact information for authentication. Connect's Community Edition requires read-only access to your contacts and email. We realize the permissions are a big ask to make from a privacy perspective. Email data is some of the more sensitive that exists online. We would love to limit our access to metadata only, but Outlook's OAuth permissions are not that granular yet. We never store any email content, and do everything we can to ensure our users data is safe.

  • I have more questions!

    Check out our dedicated support site at or get in touch via email at – we're more than happy to help.